Parade and Transport Pro Partner to Tackle Carrier Capacity Challenges

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San Francisco, CA; Nashville, TN — August 29, 2018 — Transport Pro, a Web-based TMS company, is excited to announce its partnership with a leading brokerage technology provider, Parade. The combination of Parade’s innovative AI-powered carrier management system and Transport Pro’s digital carrier sourcing platform gives brokers access to cutting-edge automation technology at an affordable price point.

Brokers have thousands of data points around capacity availability streaming into their email inbox each day, and a vast amount of underutilized historical data, location/ELD, and carrier interactions stored in their Transport Pro system. Often, it’s hard for brokers to sort and understand all this data, which results in carrier reps turning to load boards and using their gut to source carriers. Parade’s advanced capacity technology integrates key information from carrier emails, plus information from sources like location, historical load bookings, and historical carrier interactions, providing brokers with visibility into what freight carriers need and when. The Transport Pro carrier sourcing platform then matches that carrier capacity to available freight and sends an automatic email to the qualified in-network carriers. The ability to notify carriers of available freight within minutes helps brokers to strengthen the overall carrier experience, building relationships for the long haul.

“I grew up in a family full of owner-operators and brokers,” said Preet Sivia, Chief Business Officer of Parade. “I understand how important brokerages are in the transportation ecosystem, but up until now, it’s been difficult to use all your data to reuse capacity and increase carrier sales efficiency. With all your location, ELD, email and historical load information in your TMS, this partnership will allow Transport Pro users to understand and predict their carriers’ capacity with the end goal of increasing carrier re-utilization and loads booked per rep.”

Transport Pro users have the advantage of leveraging Parade’s artificial intelligence technologies to tap often ignored available capacity. With all of the daily distractions that take place in an office, it’s easy for load opportunities to go unnoticed. This automation saves time, increases efficiency and helps brokers remain competitive in the marketplace.

“Brokers are competing with large tech companies pushing digital freight brokerage, and the only way to stay in the game is to invest in technology,” says Kenneth Kloeppel, CEO of Transport Pro. “Most of the time this comes at a price far out of reach for most brokerages. When you look at the new technology being provided by Parade and Transport Pro, a brokerage can become a powerful service provider to its customers and partner carriers.”

The Parade integration is currently available for Transport Pro customers.

About Parade

Parade is a software company producing big data and artificial intelligence solutions for transportation companies. Parade extracts business intelligence from real-time email, location information and historical load data to optimize communication, decision-making, and freight opportunities.

About Transport Pro

Transport Pro is a leading transportation management software company providing Web-based technology to trucking companies, third party logistics and brokerages. Transport Pro’s innovative software streamlines daily business operations and offers a number of integrations to maximize workflow.

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