Transport Pro Brings Something New to the Table

Back in September you may have been disappointed to learn that the roll out of the Small Business software was built only for asset-based companies. Now, Transport Pro offers a small business software for brokers! Just as in the carrier version, brokerage users will have access to a freight operations dashboard, which is a snapshot of all available freight within the organization. From this dashboard, you can dispatch loads, edit loads, and update load locations.

This system integrates with Quickbooks to make accounting an easier process. With the click of a button, users can export their accounting data to Quickbooks. If you factor, Transport Pro makes it simple to send invoices to factoring companies. Although the software does not calculate payroll taxes, it does give you the ability to settle carriers quickly.

You can also access a number of reports including a carrier activity report, customer activity report, terminal revenue report, and more. And perhaps one of the best features is the Transport Pro Exchange, which allows brokers to post loads and search for available equipment. This feature provides you with the correct contact information so you can cover loads quickly and efficiently.

This robust solution is available for $100/month, which is a lot of product for a little price. Transport Pro encourages scheduling a demonstration to ensure that the solution accommodates your needs. Please give us a call at 800-800-5917, or email us at

You can learn more about us and our products by visiting our website:

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