Factoring companies and their transportation customers can rely on Transport Pro to streamline essential processes, ensuring that both parties have everything they need in a timely and organized manner.

Transport Pro allows users to customize rendition billing documents, so that the system will flag users who try to bill without all of the required documentation. This ensures that transportation companies are billing accurately, and that factoring companies are receiving everything correctly the first time. Invoices are stored in a designated factoring queue and can be sent with the click of a button; users can even batch send invoices. This is an efficient process that saves both parties time and money.

The software supports both email and FTP. Depending on what factoring companies prefer, Transport Pro subscribers can transfer files either way. However, Transport Pro recommends utilizing the FTP option so that factoring companies can access files from virtually anywhere.

Transport Pro automatically creates a PDF for each required document. However, the system does allow users to download the individual documents as well. If any files are inadvertently deleted, they can be resent within a matter of seconds.

This transportation management software assists both factoring companies and transportation companies with daily, essential operations. To learn more, please call a Transport Pro representative at 800-800-5917, or visit our website.



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